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Nonton Film The Cannibal Killer: The Real Story of Jeffrey Dahmer 2020 Subtitle Indonesia

2020 BLU 0h 0m 0

This is a fictitious, yet mostly historically accurate account of Jeffrey Dahmer's life as a serial killer, as narrated by Jeffrey Dahmer (Giancarlo Herrera) using many actual quotes. It shows part of his boyhood, and his first murder as a teenager. There are realistic depictions of several of his murders from pick up to dismemberment and eventual consumption, as well as his attempts to create "living zombies" by pouring hydrochloric acid into his victim's skulls. Dahmer's frequent interactions with his friendly neighbor and his grandmother are also shown. In essence, the story explores the psychodynamics of Jeffrey Dahmer's relationships with his victims both pre and postmortem.

Director: Pete Jacelone

Genre: Horror

Cast: Alex Apgar, Anfernee Olivier, Beth Dimino, Caleb Vasquez, Clarence Demesier, Courtney Waul, Crystal Williamson, David DeRosa, Genoveva Rossi, Giancarlo Herrera, Jay Martins, Lisa Deane


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