The World of the Married

2 Seasons - 18 Episodes

2020 ON AIR 80 min

Ji Sun Woo is a family medicine doctor. She is married to Lee Tae Oh and they have a son. She seems to have everything, including a successful career and a happy family, but she is betrayed by her husband and others.

Meanwhile, Lee Tae Oh dreams of becoming a famous movie director. He runs an entertainment business with the support of his wife Ji Sun Woo. Even though he loves his wife, Lee Tae Oh falls into a dangerous relationship.

Genre: Drama, Family

Cast: Han So-hee, Jeon Jin-seo, Kim Hee-ae, Kim Sun-Kyung, Kim Young-min, Lee Hak-joo, Lee Kyung-young, Lee Moo-Saeng, Park Hae-joon, Park Sun-young, Shim Eun-woo

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